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LaSalle University - Louisiana

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LaSalle University Louisiana Document

LaSalle University Louisiana Document

LaSalle University Information, ..................................................................................................... Statement of Mission- LaSalle University had the mission of an innovative major public university. Its activities include a broad range of academic programs focusing on Higher Education and encompassing undergraduate, graduate, and professional education. Education at LaSalle stressed independent learning and problem-solving. The University strives to improve skills and foster attitudes that will encourage its graduates to continue their education throughout their lives and apply that knowledge to improve their lives and the quality of our society.

WE DO NOT HAVE COPIES OF ALL TRANSCRIPTS OR DEGREES. We do have Apostilles to verify valid signature on Transcript and Degree from the State of Louisiana Secretary of State Commissions Division. You can now download and print this free for all Alumni. Email: LaSalle University Degree upheld in court.

LaSalle University DEGREE UPHELD IN COURT. CASE No. HQ04X03313 Royal Courts of Justice, Strand, London. Tertiary system Case good news for LaSalle Graduates: Dr. Paul Mckenna earned his Ph.D. from LaSalle University: "Dr. Paul Mckenna filed defamation / libel case against MGM Ltd. (Lewis-Smith & Morgan, The Mirror) and won the case". This case is very important to all LaSalle University PhD graduates; the degrees earned was tarnished, by many who maliciously, and who has very minimal understanding or no idea at all, on how LaSalle operated on the process of "prior learning exemption practices", or distant learning, as many Universities offer. Reference dated 28/7/06 before the Hon. Mr. Justice Eady.

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Organization News

On motion of Regent Dees, seconded by Regent Rambin, the Board voted unanimously to accept the recommendation of the Planning, Research and Performance Committee to approve an operating license for LaSalle University.
Lasalle University Information
Information provided by the National Center for Education Statistics and the Carnegie Foundation.

LaSalle Univeristy had a legal Apostille, which is an affirmation by the State of Louisiana certifying good standing of LaSalle University as a entity with legal status.  The Apostille confirms that the signatures of the officials on the Degree is a true signature of the person.  It also verifies the validity of the Degree.  It may not be accredited by an accrediting agency but the Degree is valid.  

Please note that LASALLE Education Corporation was a legal registered corporation within the State. In July 1997 because of all the bad publicity, Orion Education Corporation took over and it also was a legally registered Corporation within the State.  (Note you can order copies of the State Documents that verify this as a fact.)  It is also important to note that in the State of Louisiana did not have State guidelines or regulations regarding Post Secondary Education.  All that was required for a Post Secondary School to operate and issue degrees was to be registered as a corporation within the State as a teaching corporation and remain in good standing.  The record indicates that both LASALLE and Orion Education Corporations were operating legally and were in good standing within the State.         


On May 3, 1999 LASALLE University made application for accreditation with an agency recognized by the  United States Department of Education, the US Military and  the Council on Higher Education Accreditation.  Their Application was accepted.  (Per letter to me Source Code: JODOM98)  However, because of low student enrollment,  caused by the tremendous amount of negative media publicity, which was difficult to overcome, the application was later turned down and Orion Education Corporation had to ceased operations on May 31, 2002, because of  financial difficulties, and not because of  any illegal activity or being a Degree Mill.

The State Attorney's General office and The Secretary of State's office confirmed the school was operating legally, and were they permitted to issue valid Degree.

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